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Straket-Suite helps companies of all sizes manage at ease. Start today by
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Team Management

Managing and handling the team gets easier with the Straket-Suite.

Data Management

Managing of data is easier as its user friendly.

Client Management

On-boarding of clients is easier using Straket-Dash.

Analyze Financial Data

 We set out to solve that problem with a privacy-focused, and easy-to-use solution. Straket-Suite respects our users’ privacy. It never uses users identifiable information. It offers an efficient dashboard to provide actionable, aggregated statistics.

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

Give your team the space to tell you anything, so you can offer the support that will really help them thrive. Dissolve work blockers and build the manager-employee relationships we all want: trusting, collaborative and up-lifting.

Own Your Data

Anything we collect belongs to you, it will never be shared or sold. Export your data to CSV or make use to work with it in our tools.

Regular Email Reports

Receive the most important numbers in your inbox or send them to multiple recipients automatically.

Fine-grained Access Management Means Full Control

Give your team members access to the dashboard by assigning each one their own role, enabling them to see important data at a glance. If you want, you can share your dashboard with the world using the link.

Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

“Straket-Suite” tackles challenges and builds strengths so your team can do its best work.

"It was not surprising, but clearer, how much stress the team was feeling. Straket-Suite allowed us to dig in on what was driving it, like work-life balance. It allowed us to circle through our teams and ask how we could help.”

– Ali Sayed

Straket-Suite provides a business solution to Sales & Marketing, Email Collaboration, Finance, Project Management. It has a very user-friendly interface and features, So it is easier to understand and use, unlike other CRM Softwares.  

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