ElizaAlexy Group is an Indian marketing solution firm, headquarters in Bangalore.

Straket Solutions the subsidiary company of ElizaAlexy Group is a technology company that specialises in services and products, which include online advertising technologies, a search engine, cloud computing, stall architecture, Sales outsourcing, E-commerce.

We believe in the importance of improving the lives of others, that is why ElizaAlexy Group was established on February 14, 2019 by our founder’s.

Businesses did not arise out of multi-million-dollar investments; instead they arose out of ideas that were aimed at making life easy. Thinking is a powerful process. It helped to establish crucial facts. It helped us just by a turn hunches and stray ideas into solid knowledge. It helped us to see important patterns in past experiences. But the raw material for thinking the information is once own mental databanks.




Our firm is increasing the services rendered i.e. International sales management, entering into international markets and to handle international sales projects. Straket Solutions is a leading marketing solution firm. It’s a complete marketing solution firm, working towards the vision of the firm. Straket Solutions works with over 50 companies. Our Director, brings an extensive background in management and technical marketing to Straket Solutions and has transformed the corporate into a marketing powerhouse. State of art, embracing ideas to be a leading marketing solution firm is always open to new challenges and exploration.

Straket Solutions delivers business support and company’s growth focusing on Digital marketing, media production, stall architecture, project sales, E-Commerce. We offer a wide range of business support activities including workshops, networking events, conferences, and expos. We connect the best design, an agile system working, and lean start-up principles to create our own growth-driven methodology. Our team deploy tailored into a custom engagement model for each customer.
We create campaigns and memorable digital experiences from start-up to IPO that engage, inspire and produce results. Mastering your brand, targeting your market and positioning you for success.

Early Years

In an apartment room in Bangalore, decided by both the directors to launch a new business on February 14, 2019 associating with many freelancers. They started their first project i.e. a small brochure design and 1 web design project. The feedback of their first project was so encouraging which gave them the confidence to take a step forward. Their first real profit from their first project was ₹1000. The main ideology behind this start-up was to provide end-to-end marketing services for growing companies.

Initially, traditional technique and technologies were in use for the new venture. Presently, modern technique and trending technologies are in use. Growth was witnessed since its first project. Considering their second project to be a large-scale project, they were unable to deliver the desired results. Being aware of their flaws, their determination to embrace knowledge and experience were remarkable.

As a part of diversification, our new branch office was set up in Tamil Nadu on September 29,2019, Bangalore being the main hub. Our technical team operating at the new branch office managed to fetch many projects and simultaneously handle the projects in Bangalore. Number of projects received have greatly multiplied like government projects, large scale projects. Analysed exponential growth in the business considering the start-up. Our team with professional expertise handles large scale projects and has scale up the business by expanding the services provided like app designs, Web designs, SEO, google ads, social media marketing, digital marketing, media production etc… Presently, focusing on new advanced technologies.

Currently, our firm is in the process of diversification all over South India and in no time presence of PAN India.

“Chase your dreams rather than following a shadow.”

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."



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