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A veteran of promotion and marketing, Mr.Henderick A is the chief executive officer of the Straket Solutions. He Completed MBA and MDM Graduate. Before building his own business, He was employed before beginning his firm, he was into sales, sales excites him a lot, specifically asked for that role to learn the base of the market. He was stratified 7th across 33branches of his firm the corporate required him the most paid him more than what he required for a month(incentives). A simple thought struck him, if he may do such a lot as an employee, not as an employer…He put down his papers the next day, for the new start. Mr.Henderick A holds a strong belief that a digital promotional masterplan is an impelling force that proves to propel all the possible aspects of a business towards the path of growth and triumph. Having a good experience in the area of digital marketing firms, Mr.Henderick A has a noteworthy prowess at devising Digital Promotional Marketing strategies. His past experiences have taught him extremely valuable lessons in that current digital marketing agencies undoubtedly promise to be honest and results-driven, but when push comes to shove, they only look after their bottom line without delivering real results.

Straket Solutions is a leading provider of digital marketing agency services for hospitality, retail and financial services industries. It’s a complete marketing solution firm, plays with a vision of the firm. Straket Solutions works with several fortune 50 companies. Mr.Henderick A brings an extensive background in management and technology marketing to Straket Solutions and has transformed the corporate into a digital marketing powerhouse. He has fully recognized the importance of being a full-service, state-of-the-art marketing firm and is committed to staying on top of the very latest design trends and technologies.He is part of 3 different brand with different business model.So much personal, professional, and organizational growth is going on since he became chief executive officer of Straket Solutions 2Years ago. What an honor and privilege it’s been to require this digital marketing agency from a grassroots shop to the nationally recognized expert in multi-location company growth it’s today. Since founding Straket Solutions, we’ve experienced exponential growth. Never wait for only Investments, Mr.Henderick A true passion is creating rewarding professional relationships, by providing guidance and support well above the industry standard. This means clients tend to partner with Reload for longer, achieve their goals quicker and become more digitally educated along the way. Becoming fully integrated into a clients’ business and sharing in their successes is what drives Mr.Henderick A forward.


Digital marketing is a huge spectrum of tactics and assets that encompasses all online marketing efforts, We blend technology with creativity to ensure that you make a positive impact on the market.


Our expert consultants offer services that ensure your business reaches those looking out for it though indirectly.


Traditional marketing still has a huge impact on the audience and creates a much better perspective of your brand. We ensure that your message reaches to everyone in the market


Machinery sales for a specific time period eg: 3months , 6 months, or 12 months contract. A specified team will be assigned to focus only on your product and increase the sales graph directly

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