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Information Technology(IT)🆕

  • Email & Collaboration
  • Finance


  • Brand Design &  Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Google Marketing
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Get Leads
  • Logo
  • Superstar Marketing


  • Design (3D Modelling, AR/VR Integration)
  • Fabrication (Shop Drawings, Detailing)
  • Project Management (Pre-Planning and On-Site)
  • Install and Dismantle (Working with In-House Skilled Specialists)


  • Sales are the main motive of every brand and we ensure that your sales don’t hit the low (Heavy Machinery only).
  • We assign a specific team just to focus only on your product and increase the sales graph


  • Pre-Production
  • Principal Photography
  • Post-Production

Our Works

  •  Gaurik groups strive to be the leading premium brand for footwear, apparel, lifestyle, salon, food & beverages, and clothing.
  •  We have provided a variety of services to their brands, also created website designs, layouts, redesigning.
  •  The key factor, promotions was also serviced by us
  •  We created logos, brochures, flyers, and pamphlets.


  • Lawrence Clothing is one of the leading apparel manufacturers in India, at the forefront of design, innovation, and full-scale production for well-renowned brands.
  •  We developed a new website to better their overall brand appearance.
  • The client is very happy with the quality of work and our customer services.
  • We executed this website within12 hrs with 3 different teams for 35 crore businesses.

  • We have created a website for LONO – The Tropical Lounge.
  •  We have provided them with social media optimization. And also by optimizing the website to generate bookings organically.
  •  We have created posters, offers, and deals.
  • Vaishuz is a semi-E-Commerce business.
  • A woman entrepreneur indulged in the area of bridal makeups, bride
    robes, beauty salons, celebrity makeovers, and rental studios.
  • We have designed a semi Ecommerce website.
  •  Wehaveprovidedthem with social media optimization.And also by optimizing the
    website to generate leads organically for all social media and websites.
  •  We have created posters, offers, and deals.
  • The Kovai Wonder Woman is a platform for successful women in and around Coimbatore.
  • Their dispute is to make the women of the past proud, current inspired, and the future envisioned.
  •  We enhanced their brand’s interaction with customers digitally yielding lead generation, new strategies, and necessary
    changes for their brand.
  • Evaluated previous social media performance and developed a new digital marketing strategy.
  • Looks Salon is one of the most powerful brands in the hair & beauty cares sector in Northern & Central India, which has given hairstyling a new horizon.
  • Emerging as the largest single salon chain in the country.
  • We have provided services of print media, store layout.
  • Wecreatedseasonalgiftvouchers, flyers, discount coupons with our exclusive design and cost-effective print modes with high quality
  • EXAM360CAREER Is a competitive platform to build your career.
  •  Wehavecreatedthem a semi-e-commerce website.
  • We have also provided various services on media production.


The Lalit Ashok


Gaurik groups


Lono - The Tropical Lounge

Food & Beverages

Lawrence Clothing


Exam 360 Career



warehousing Solution.




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